Lamb Fur Rug Toscana



393.17 USD
239.83 USD

Lamb Fur Rug Toscana

Product Code : T117670
393.17 USD
239.83 USD
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Product Information
Delivery Information
15 Work Days
Composition %100 Real Leather
Colour Brown - Black - Beige
Thickness 8 mm / 0.31 inch
Cleaning Professional clean only    
Custom Sizes We can resize most rugs for a small fee. Request more info if you want this rug shorter or narrower.    

Daily Use
The carpet it should rather be cleaned using a powerful hoover preferably every day.
The items (armchairs, table, chair) on the carpet may leave trace, therefore the location of the carpet or objects should be chan­ged in periodically.
Using natural leather carpet in extremely high people traffic areas may accelerate wear and tear.

Stain Removal
You have to very fast for spilled substances on the carpet!
Always start the clean from the edge of the stain towar­ds the centre.
Use a clean white cloth to dry the stain and Wash it with cold water .
Certainly, With a clean cloth stain should be wiped in pile direction.
You must be wait until the stained area is completely dry.
Never use soap or detergents which have high chemicals substances.
At least make sure no one will walk on the surface of the processed carpet for a short while.
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