Human Resources
For students of vocational high schools and vocational high schools who are obliged to do internships for the winter and summer periods, you can apply to our store and our central staff at

Full Time / Part Time
We can only work full time in our Arnavutköy head office and factory. In our store, you can find the opportunity to work both full-time and part-time.

For job opportunities, you can follow our open positions on or send your CVs to by stating that you have applied for head office positions and factory blue collar positions.

Workman. net: Open Positions


Maternity Leave
Bolero Socks employees use their maternity leave rights within the legal periods determined by law. Our staff on maternity leave never fear job loss when they return.

Easy access
Bolero makes the rotations of employees between its store and factory as little as possible. Care is taken to ensure that employees work as close to their homes as possible.

Career Opportunity
We try to respond to the newly formed staff and employee needs of our brand, which is growing rapidly every day, as much as possible. It is our preference to evaluate our existing employees first for our newly formed managerial staff within Bolero socks, in our store and in our factories.

Discounted Shopping Opportunity
All Bolero Socks employees have the opportunity to purchase all our products sold in Bolero at a discount.



General Information
The Bolero Socks factory is located in Istanbul Arnavutköy district, on an area of ​​13.500 m². In our Bolero Socks factory, besides our own brand Bolero, many different foreign brands are produced. Bolero Socks is among the leading manufacturers in Europe.

Job opportunities
For job opportunities in our Arnavutköy Factory, you can follow our open positions on or send your CVs to e-mail address by stating which position you are applying for.

Working conditions
In our factory, our blue-collar employees work in shifts, and our white-collar employees work on weekdays at 08:30, 18:30, Saturday and Sunday. All our employees can benefit from the company's cafeteria.

Arnavutköy Head Office / Factory

General Information
Bolero Socks head office is located in Arnavutköy, Istanbul. Our head office, which is established on an area of ​​13.500 m², and our blue-collar and white-collar employees work in our factory.

Job opportunities
For Bolero Arnavutköy head office job opportunities, you can follow our open positions on or send your CVs to, stating that you have applied for head office positions or blue collar positions.

Working conditions
In our Arnavutköy head office, working hours are 08.30 in the morning and 18.30 in the evening. Our head office does not work on Saturdays and Sundays. All of our employees benefit from our cafeteria.
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